Eram Garden

Eram Garden

Also known as: Bagh-e Eram

Taste of History in Persian Garden
Eram Garden (Bagh-e Eram) in Shiraz is one good example of Iranians’ paradise-loving tendency.
The site close to the embankment of the Kushk river was formerly on the northwestern fringe of Shiraz but is now well inside the greatly expanded urban area.
First sight past the main entry, especially if you go there in early spring, is the miscellaneous lines of flora from almost every place on earth. In fact, this is a leisure corner-turned-botanical museum that offers a taste of history spiced up by the beauty of a Persian Garden.


Palace in Middle of Paradise
Having enjoyed the heavenly smell of the worldly flowers, you can spot a wonderful looking palace in the middle of the large garden.
The three-storey pavilion was designed by a local architect back in the eighteenth century. On every floor that you stroll, you’ll pass many rooms on each side, decorated by tiles with poems from the Persian poet Hafez Shirazi written on them.
The first floor has an impluvium especially designed for relaxation during the hot days of summer. The ceiling of this structure is marvelously decorated with colorful tiles. A small stream also passes through it, connecting to a large pool in front of the building.
The turquoise pond is where you can join a bevy of young visitors enjoying the idyllic environment, along the surrounding palm trees from the Canary Islands.
With its beautiful flowers, refreshing air, tall cypresses (especially the stately, beautiful, 3,000-years-old cypress tree there known as Sarv-e Naz) and fragrant myrtles, Eram Garden offers you a very pleasant tour during your stay in Iran’s ancient capital.


The origin of the English word for Paradise

Did you know that the origin of the English word “Paradise” is from an old Persian word pairidaēza which literally means “a wall enclosing a garden or orchard”?


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