In each of the subjects we have the committee consists of 3-4 members who are experts of startup and Entrepreneurship society. The duties of the workshops in the pre events which will be held.
In Tehran ,Dubai, Beirut is about selection the applicant’s startup application whom have the part in the pitch startups competition.
It’s also noticeable that in the international events the workshop would accompany the facilitator team for having the negotiations and consideration of leading opportunities in the entrepreneurship and startup platforms of the destination country and also instruct them to show the ways of using these opportunities for having the entrepreneurship eco-system’s growth in iran and even meeting the impressive people in that country.

Each track have their own committees from the best experts and top managers. The main tasks of the committees are include:

• Determine Event Subjects 
• Judgment and selection for startups of preliminary and final Milad

• Determine workshops and panels
• Suggests key players in ecosystem and experts for inviting
• Seeking partnership and gaining supports for launching this event

E Commerce

Ahmad Roosta

Beheshti university

Reza Arbabian

CEO of Sheypoor



Pouya Kondori

CEO of Farabi accelerator

Rahman BabaZade

CEO of Farabi brokerage

Mohammadreza Farahi

Finance Director of Rahnema Co


Emerging Markets

Reza Ghiabi

Partner of SW Pars

Alireza Saffary

CFO of Badkobe

Pedram Asadi

CEO of Chilivery

Hamid Rezazade

CEO of Pichak


Mahdi Sadat


Mahshid Khosravi

BD of Rahnema co



Hardware, IoT

Mohsen Khalkhali

Partner of Iratel Ventures

Fardad Zand

Visionary Entrepreneur & Investor, Senior Strategy & Innovation Advisor