Country: Iran
Stage: n/a

City: Tehran
Sector: Financial service and payment (Fintech)


Moneyar is an application for payment as easy as sending a message!
Moneyar proposed in last year fintech festival for the first time, and rewarded as second start up. Less than a year it was available in café bazar.
Moneyar has a unique package of features like messaging, spilt share and crowdfunding. Actually Moneyar is a growing social network and this is just the beginning.


Nowadays social networks changed our life style. They are answering needs which we never thought we had, private information are transferred through these networks such as pictures, texts or even our work files. So many social events, and crowd sourcing are created via these platforms. They become an inseparable part of our life.
What about social financial needs?
Do current methods satisfy social networks users?
90 percent of customers still uses ATM, while only 10 percent use electronic banking.
Social network users are expecting different user experience from banking platforms.
Most of the people which we have financial communication with, have access to our phone number. Wasn’t it easier if we can use phone number instead of destination card number?


Our solution is Moneyar.
Everyone can sign up to Moneyar with their phone number and a username.
You can access to your contact list through Moneyar and in addition to messaging with your friends, you can send, receive and request money as easy as sending a message.
Each user has a credit in Moneyar that can be charges via Internet payment gateway, and user can use this credit for one click payment. Although this process can be done directly via IPG without first charging.
You can create group for spilt shares and invite your friends to pay their shares and chat in the group.
Furthermore, Moneyar has a great platform for crowdfunding, you can create a channel in order to raise money for any purpose, and share the link via any media you prefer, so that people can join your channel and participate in your goal.
Moneyar is not just for those who has the app on their cellphone, you can send or request money from any one in your contact list, regardless the have the app or not, we will send appropriate message to them.
And you can transfer your credit to your bank account any time you want.