Country: Iran
Stage: n/a

City: Tehran
Sector: Education, Video broadcast


Rooydad.TV is a live events broadcasting system.
This system reduces financial costs and time with techniques and facilities provides for users to access useful content and raise event organizers income.


For event organizer:
  • Limited space of event
  • Limitation of participants to location and time
  • The high cost of holding
  • Limited income
  • Lack of revenue of held event
For participants:
  • High cost of participation in events
  • Good events not be held held in small cities
  • Limited time and lack of opportunity to participate in the event
  • Lack of access to content of held events


Live broadcasting of events and the opportunity to take part in it from any location and with any connected device to the internet by regular speed
The opportunity to make unlimited income from saling the ticket of virtual participants
The opportunity to make money from sponsors of live broadcasting for mid-roll ads, advertising subtitle and insert sponsor logo on the video
The opportunity for salling the event content after holding