Country: Iran
Stage: n/a

City: Tehran
Sector: Ecommerce


TAGMOND is an online fashion platform which its focus is to simplify the process of finding and matching clothes. It gathered the most popular brands together in a single platform and help the customers which products match each other by a feature named Style. Finally, they can purchase for the products online from whole Iran.


We believe that two main problems exist. The first one is that most people are too busy to go to the big malls, search all the brands and find what they want. Actually lots of them can’t find the desired products and they have to take more time to go to another mall. The other problem is that lots of them don’t know what to buy, how to match clothes together and what to wear in special occasions.


The solution is to provide a platform and introduce styles to people. Tell them which colors matches each other and what the best styles for each types of events are. By this platform, they can review more products and styles just by scrolling a list in a shorter time. Finally, if they like what the platform recommends, they can order them online.